End of Summer 2021

This summer came and went. It was a good solid summer. Nothing spectacular and extraordinary, but simple and straightforward. We hiked and biked, swam, read, and watched movies. We ate at our favorite Japanese and taco restaurants. Visited tons of parks and playgrounds. And spent all our time outdoors. I miss the west coast and the nature already….


We hiked MILES and MILES and MILES. Tusia went to one week of camp the entire summer, so the rest of the time was Mama time — which meant, a lot of exercise outdoors.

Lots of blue skies — perfect weather out west. Not one day of rain.

And lots and lots of biking, too. So much ground covered.

AW, I miss it already. Green, lush, beautiful Oregon.

Each afternoon, we would go to the park and throw the ball for Stevie (the dog). Simple pleasures, right?

….and tons of skateboarding. Lots and lots of skateparks.


And now….back to NYC and back to reality. Trying to put together my Fall 2021 To-Do List…..what should I include? I hope everyone had a great summer and that re-entry back to (sigh) life is going well!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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