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I realize that Monday’s post was on a drink (hibiscus tea) but now I have to tell you all about water kefir — my newest obsession! And yes, apparently I am on a drink kick! And makes sense because it has been over 100 degrees the past week in Oregon….yes, I have been melting! In any case, I have always had a love hate relationship with kombucha. I love it, but it has made me (violently) sick and so I had to quit for a decade. I have successfully only had good batches in the past year, but I still am weary about it. That said, I always love looking at the drink aisle in the hippy dippy grocery stores because they always have the best products. And lo and behold, that is how I first found out about water kefir — a probiotic water. It is similar to kombucha, as they are both fermented and probiotic rich. But they taste slightly different and as of now, I am preferring water kefir.


This was one of the brands that I love — made in Oregon, great flavor of ginger and lime. Fizzy, delicious, and hydrating.

This is another brand that I have enjoyed — and yes same flavor (I must really like ginger and lime)

6 billion probiotics for digestive support!!! SOLD!!!

I love that this drink is hydrating, effective digestive aid and “improves mood” ALSO SOLD.

And the same grocery store that sells all these drinks, sells this! I want to get! (But truth be told, I am worried about making a bad batch of kombucha and having a bad stomach reaction…)



So basically, water kefir is SIMILAR to kombucha, but lighter, more approachable, and more delicious. It is a delicately fermented drink that quenches your thirst and replenishes your gut, but is more subtle and light. ALSO — key point — there is no tea in it, so there is no caffeine. It also has all the benefits of fermentation. My stomach feels better, I feel healthy, I love the taste, and look forward to the next day when I can indulge in another water kefir drink! To read more about water kefir, go here and here. And the brands I like are GT’s Aqua Kefir and Goodwolf Water Kefir.

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