Through a random rabbit hole instagram search (via Mandy Moore, who hiked Mount Kilimanjaro together in a group), I started following Chase Weideman — a dude Influencer. He and his husband created some sauces during quarantine, and what started out as some jars for some friends has turned in to a legitimate business, Batchworthy. Intrigued (and a lover of sauces), I bought two of the six flavors — the Husband Sauce and the Soft Caesar, and am THOROUGHLY HOOKED to both. They deliver locally and ship nationally, and you need to try them out! They are beyond delicious.


These sauces go on everything and anything!

Follow them on instagram or check out their website, to find out when the next round of batches will be made, and then simply place an order.


Husband sauce is a smooth dairy free, vegan sauce, made up of broccoli and herbs. It tastes good on veggies, fish, chicken, chips, basically anything that you can dip it in!

Soft caesar salad is just as amazing, although it includes egg and dairy. It is the perfect caesar dressing as it is not overpowering or heavy, rather light and tasty.

Look at the green! SMOOTH. Velvet smooth.

My lunch — veggies, rice and meat — all to be dipped in to the husband sauce.


I highly recommend following them on IG and I cannot wait to try the grainy mustard and the garlic rillette, as well as buy more stock of the Husband Sauce and Soft Caesar as they will be finished in no time!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Yael! This is so cool!!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderfully kind words – I can’t tell how happy it makes me to read this and see that you loved your batch. 🙂 XOXOXOXO

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