Golden Diner

This past weekend, on our final NYC day before heading out west for the summer, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (our favorite activity) and then had lunch at the Golden Diner. I have read about Golden Diner for many years as it serves classic NY diner dishes that are influenced by the neighborhood, Chinatown. Everything had an Asian spin to it — even the tuna melt.


First, the Brooklyn Bridge! And yes, we have a million of these pictures, but I love them….

Golden Diner, with golden tables.

Kids playing together.

My tuna melt.

They put chips in it — gotta love it.


Lemon grass avocado toast.



We got there on the early side (11:30) and easily got a table, but when we were leaving, it was JAMMED. So many people (all young and hip). Definitely worth going to and checking out — a unique combination of deliciousness in every dish!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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