Summer Activities in Vail

I just spent the week in Beaver Creek (near Vail, CO) with some dear friends from Graduate School and had the best time. My friend planned the most perfect time and everyday we had a super fun activity. So if you are going to Vail area during the summer months, or just want to see some highlights of our time, take a look!


GOGA — Goat Yoga


Goat yoga is basically yoga with goats walking all over your mats and the smell of pee and poo, but it was also really relaxing, a great stretch, and calming to be around the goats.

Goats are basically like puppies. So cute.


Rafting the Colorado River


We had a blast rafting down the Colorado River. We were with several other people, and one guide, and just had the best time floating and going over the rapids. We had a 20 minute stretch of Class III rapids and they were SO fun.

This is so funny because I almost flew out of the boat and grabbed on to the 18 year old kid in front of me to help stabilize myself. I almost brought him down…..


Adventure Pass at Vail Mountain


Gondola up the mountain — such beautiful views.

And the alpine rollercoaster. So much fun. Wish we could have done it a million more times. The other activities you had to be a certain height, which Tusia didn’t reach, so it was a little bit of a bust, but still very fun.




The most fun activity of all — ziplining. We spent the morning going on 7 different ziplines, with incredible views, and it was so fun to experiment and go upside down, do tricks, and just FLY.

Tusia went upside down several times. It was a definite thrill.




And my favorite activity of all — hiking. The mountains are incredible, the sky so huge, and the flowers so special. Every afternoon we went on a hike (and every morning we went on a run — not as fun to run in the altitude up the mountains!)

Stevie (the dog) LOVED the freedom and the nature.


Now we are in Oregon, surrounded by more nature and outdoor activities. We had the best time in Colorado, and can’t wait for other summer adventures there again soon. Thank you so much, Kimmers!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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