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I recently discovered Made Worn tees and now I CANNOT STOP. Yes, they are expensive, yes you can find them in every store around the country — but for good reason. These tees are TO DIE FOR. Created by Blain Halvorson, this clothing line creates the most perfectly weathered, faded, and vintage look you have all been dying to wear (I know I have). It’s like discovering a vintage shirt in a store, except for it’s not vintage! And it’s even a better fit and look. I honestly can’t get enough — and these are perfect gifts for your music loving family and friends.


My new uniform — a fun tee shirt, cardigan, and jeans. Comfortable but easy and a little bit stylish.

I KNOWWWWWW, I am a fraud as I don’t like the band Kiss, but I do love the glitter, the font, and the colors. 🙂 If only I loved the SNOOP dog graphic shirts as much, and then I would be more true to myself.

Cropped to perfection.

The perfect weight.


Yeah, call me a sell out because I am buying expensive vintage inspired shirts, but you will too once you get your hands on them! Happy Wednesday!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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