Dried Apples

As an activity, we went apple picking and brought home 18 pounds of apples — not very much in comparison to the 40 pounds of peaches from a couple weeks ago — but still enough that I knew I had to do something with them before they rotted. I know, seems backwards, buy to get rid of ??? Right, like as soon as I bought the apples, first thought was HOW AM I GOING TO GET RID OF THEM? The best trick is to make dried apples — so super duper easy — but it requires time — almost 12 hours in a low heat oven. A lot of time.


The apple of my eye, holding an apple.

Apple picking isn’t as fun as raspberry or blueberry picking, but it still is an activity — so we will take it!

18 pounds of apples cost 15 dollars, just fyi. And was two of these buckets.

Peel them.


Line them up on a tray and squeeze some lemon juice on them.

Put them in the oven.

Dehydrated, no preservatives, no chemicals, nada. Just APPLE.

So good — a great snack!


I am going to make another batch (we have so many more apples!!!) and bring them to NYC!!!

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