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Hello from LA! The kids and I started the summer out west with a California adventure before we ultimately end up in Oregon. So far we are truly enjoying the laid-back-vibe, the Pacific Ocean breeze, the sunshine, and just being out here! LA is truly la-la-land and such a beautiful and idyllic place to live — if NYC doesn’t work out, LA here I come! In the meantime, here is what I am currently loving this month, June 2020!


1. Money Heist


Spanish TV series — SO GOOD. Must watch!!! I am at the beginning of Season 2 and I can’t wait to watch it. OBSESSED.

2. Cheesy Popcorn


Microwaveable popcorn that is so good you can’t stop eating it. Especially when you mix it with kettle corn — it is heaven in a bowl. (and yes so unhealthy and gross at the same time, but YOLO).


3. Jennifer Garner’s trees


Jennifer Garner lives a couple houses down from my friend, and the houses outside of her home are all decorated with these ribbons, crystals, and tiny little bird houses. It is beyond cool and I love everything about it!


4. Hikes


We have already been on some pretty spectacular hikes so far in LA and we can’t wait to discover and explore more of them. So much beauty and nature just in this city!


5. Reflections from a Token Black Friend


A really great article — and I encourage everyone to read this piece. Powerful.


There you have it, what I am currently loving this month! Additionally, (as always) love my supergoop sunscreen, my can’t live without 11:11 perfume, my airpods, and my Natori Feathers undies. What are you loving this month? I always love the emails I get after, so please share!


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