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Last week, like us all, I could only think about all the racial inequality more evident than ever in our country.  As a result, I did not post at all, as it didn’t feel appropriate to post my typical light and frilly posts during something so heavy and important. So although I am back to posting, my mind is still on black lives matter. Like all of you, I want to educate myself to become even more anti-racist, and continue to have conversations with friends and family on how to live in a more equal and loving world.




On a desperate search to find activities for the kids to do BESIDES play on their devices, I came across “Paint By Stickers” — where you literally color a picture with numbers by stickers. It is not just fun for the kids but adults, too. I immediately bought two books for adults and one for the kids — and I can’t wait to put them all together.


The three books I purchased — and I can’t wait to get more!

The adult books are easy enough for the kids. Cruzzie, age 10, did not want to do the girlie kid one, so he decided to do the adult one.

It is part puzzle, part meditation, part coloring. It doesn’t take too long, but is a substantial activity at the same time. Highly recommend.

Paint by numbers with stickers!

Tear out the stickers and then place them on the paper.

Cruzzie’s final product — Normandie.

Beyonce — we did this one together, isn’t it fabulous? I love it oh so much!


To buy them, go here. And if anyone has other suggestions for some good old fun activities for the kids, please send them my way. Anything and everything will help!

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