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The Scandis always know how to do everything right. Especially bakeries. One of my nearest and dearest friends is Norwegian, so when we decided to meet last month for coffee, she told me about a new Danish bakery, Ole & Steen. And holy shmoly, is it unbelievable. Everything about it is perfection; the breads are to die for, the pastries, the porridge, the coffee, EVERYTHING. I am not sure what exactly it is about their baked goods, but they are beyond delicious and my new favorite thing to eat.


I dare you to go in to the bakery and try to buy one thing. Impossible.

This seeded bread is what I live for. Honestly, I eat it for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert. It is perfect with butter, great with jam, anything….I can’t get enough.

Look at it — it’s like a mosaic of deliciousness.

Crunch, sparkle, and pop!

And this cinnamon bun might be the most decadent and delicious thing I have ever eaten. Every time I get it, I tell myself that I am only going to eat a tiny part, and sure enough… GONE, SEE YA, it is so good.

Light, sticky, not overly sweet, but sweet enough. Heaven. HEAVEN, I tell you.


If you have not been, you must try. A must. Ole & Steen is located on Broadway between 18th and 19th street. Check out their menu here.


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  1. The seeded bread looks amazing and filling. I can’t get over the texture. I bet it tastes amazing.

  2. Well, now I know what I’m doing this weekend. I have to go get myself a bag of goodies!

  3. Here you go, making me hungry again. Those baked goods look out of this world. I want that bread.

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