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Last week, one of my biffles introduced me to La Colombe “black and tan.” And now, I can’t stop thinking about it. Literally, every morning and afternoon, I dream of getting a black and tan from La Colombe.  Although there are 30 locations nationwide, and 8 in NYC, none are in my neighborhood.  So when I was talking to her the other day complaining about how much I wanted this drink, she said that I should take the canned version and create my own version of it. And then she made fun of me about how I was going to make a blog post out of it — and even got the exact phrasing and thought process of how I write blogs. And so, YEP, she knows me well. And so here we are, and I am doing exactly that. I am writing a blog post on my new favorite drink and thanks to Fresh Direct, I can create it without going downtown. Thanks, B, for being my editor, content contributor, and supporter of my caffeine intake and the Josie Girl Blog.


Dynamic Duo.

SO YEAH, LA COLOMBE COFFEE! This black and tan is an iced coffee drink that is so light and refreshing it feels like rose on a hot summer day. It is crisp, delicious, soothing, and not overly heavy or sweet. It is a combination of black coffee and draft latte. So together, the two create the right amount of milk-iness, sugar, and taste. And DRUM ROLL….you don’t have to go to downtown NYC to get it — you can buy it online (via their website or Fresh Direct) and do what I did and simply combined the two. Genius, genius.


Draft latte. Made with milk and sugar, but when you combine it with pure black. It is dynamite.

Pure black and a whole lot of caffeine..

Pure Black with some ice cubes.

Draft Latte added to it. Look at the foam and the creaminess.

To die for.


I highly suggest making this coffee drink. And thanks, B, for coming up with this blog post and the recipe — GENIUS, my friend.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. As someone that considers iced coffee the best part of summer in NYC, I am going to have to try this!

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