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For many, the end of the school year is extremely busy, hectic, time consuming, and stressful. Especially when my work involves working in schools and tutoring students, the days seem to be marathons with a long list of to-dos. So, it was especially joyful and happy when a couple months ago, I discovered a neighboring apartment that had a statue that gazed out on to the street. This statue wasn’t just any statue, but one where the owners would frequently rotate the hats that the statue was wearing.  For some reason, this was exciting and something I looked forward to every day.


The hat on the corner apartment of the building across the street.

Every morning and afternoon when returning home, the kids and I would look up and see what hat the statue was wearing. We also discussed who we thought the owners were . It has been imaginative, whimsical and exciting for all of us in the family. So one day last week, I decided that we were going to give the statue some new hats to wear.


The note I wrote.

The hats.


Yes, it was a little creepy that I wanted to get involved with the statue across the street. But it also made me giggle and brought a lot of fun and light to my day. You have to create your own fun — and this was so super fun.


(From my instagram story) — so we dropped off a bag to the neighboring building. We told the doorman, 2nd floor on the corner and left. The whole day we were so excited to see what would happen.

And sure enough…that afternoon, the statue became a pilot.

It’s the small things, right?

And today the statue wore the cowboy hat we gave them. It made us so very happy.

And so……I had to tell the neighbors how much joy it brought us. Along with some homemade banana bread (gluten free, refined sugar free, too).


This little interaction between us and an anonymous stranger has made us laugh, pay more attention to looking up and around us, and to notice and enjoy the small things. NYC, thank you. Neighbor, thank you.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. This is one of those sweet childhood memories I’m sure your kids will never forget!

  2. This is SO cute! I’m sure the statue will love the homemade banana bread 🙂

  3. I love this!! What a fun neighbor you are. I’m sure you will want to buy every hat you see now.

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