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On the last day of our recent trip to India, I left early, but Ken had time to kill as he had an evening flight to Manila. Friends we made at the wedding invited Ken on a street food tour in Old Delhi. While “street food” and “Delhi” and “right before an international flight” may seem like a terrible combo, Ken enjoyed the day, and for the most part, emerged unscathed (depending on your definition of unscathed.) Enjoy the pictures!


The tour was conducted by Delhi Food Walks and it was legit. The guide was a Delhi resident who was trained in culinary school, and he took the group from street vendor to street vendor, explaining the food and negotiating along the way. This was the meeting point. Legit Old Delhi.


Vegetable parantha

All of the cooking was done out in the open

Daulat ki Chaat. Essentially looks like a meringue but it doesn’t have any egg white.

Traditional dipping sauces

The most famous tea shop in Old Delhi. Pictured: boiled milk for the chai.

Even got to ride a tuk tuk to get to a different part of Old Delhi

Back streets of Delhi. Intense cables.


Food prep

The beautiful flower market

Behind the scenes

View from the flower market

Spice market

Spices, fruits, and nuts galore.


Ken missed the latter half of the tour, which included a lot of the meat dishes, including chicken biryani and goat brain.  If you’re ever in Delhi and are on the adventurous side, give Delhi Food Walks a shot!

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