Goodbye, Barneys!

Over the weekend, Barneys New York finally closed. After months of staying open despite a change of ownership, it closed its doors forever over the weekend. Truth be told, I did not visit the store in the past several months as it was too depressing and nostalgic. When I first moved to NYC, Barneys was my favorite store to shop for new dresses and clothes  and, ultimately, where I fell in love with fashion. And not only was Barneys an important part of my life, but the restaurant Fred’s was truly our second kitchen and a part of our everyday life. The matire d, waiters, staff, had been family to us and we felt truly at home. Although Fred’s is still currently open, it no longer has the ambiance and vibe of the past and it is too hard to visit. We spent countless Sunday night Family dinners, nacho parties, birthday parties, friend lunches, drinks, so much more…


Iconic building, no longer… will be interesting to see what replaces Barneys. It will never be the same and I will miss everything about it!

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Fred’s at Barneys NY

Fred’s at Barneys is our second kitchen. We eat there so much that I would feel comfortable walking in and opening the fridge to see what I want to eat. I know the menus (both lunch and dinner) backwards and forwards, and love almost everything I have tried there. We eat there so much that the waiters and hosts treat Ken as royalty (but when I go by myself, they often don’t recognize me!) I guess without Ken, I am just some other blonde, white, Upper East Side chick coming to eat at Fred’s for dinner. But if I am with Ken (who, yes, is more distinctive looking than me), the red carpet is rolled out! Holla!


Barneys is located on Madison Avenue between 60th and 61st street. Barneys is a high end department store that specializes in high end designers, as well as more obscure and unique foreign brands.

Fred’s is located in Barneys on the 9th floor and is open for both lunch and dinner. The lunch scene is a full on fashion runway show with lots of celebrities, big time shoppers, tourists, and business people. It is always jam packed for lunch with people in the know. Dinners are much more subdued and low key — there is never a wait, never a scene, and one can always get a table (this is why we only go for dinner). Not only can you get a seat, but it is quiet and a perfect location for a tasty, quick, easy, reliable meal in a classy and quiet environment.

9th floor

Fred's is located on the 9th floor at Barneys. On your way up to Fred's, you can look at all the beautiful (and expensive) shoes on the 4th floor, the modern Co-op floor on 7th and 8th floors, or the handbags on the first floor. It is like eye candy before you eat a meal. Perfect combination of beautiful luxurious clothes and accessories with a great meal!

NY image

NY image. I am such a wanna-be photographer. But how cool did this taxi turn out?

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