Goodbye, Barneys!

Over the weekend, Barneys New York finally closed. After months of staying open despite a change of ownership, it closed its doors forever over the weekend. Truth be told, I did not visit the store in the past several months as it was too depressing and nostalgic. When I first moved to NYC, Barneys was my favorite store to shop for new dresses and clothes  and, ultimately, where I fell in love with fashion. And not only was Barneys an important part of my life, but the restaurant Fred’s was truly our second kitchen and a part of our everyday life. The matire d, waiters, staff, had been family to us and we felt truly at home. Although Fred’s is still currently open, it no longer has the ambiance and vibe of the past and it is too hard to visit. We spent countless Sunday night Family dinners, nacho parties, birthday parties, friend lunches, drinks, so much more…


Iconic building, no longer… will be interesting to see what replaces Barneys. It will never be the same and I will miss everything about it!

Bare store windows.



So long, farewell.

We will miss you!


So many memories, the end of an era. Thank you, Barneys! We loved you oh so much.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. WOW! It feels weird to see the window display and store completely bare. I wished I’d pass by sooner. I was not aware that Barneys would close it’s doors forever. Such sad news for an iconic store and it’s employees. Although I’m happy to know Fred’s is staying!

  2. #FarewellBarneys.. I saw a story about merchandise that had not been sold were thrown out in the trash bags. Pretty disappointed to know it was not donated :/

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