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Josie Natori Ready to Wear Fall 2012 Fashion Show was held yesterday on Valentine’s Day at the Rubin Museum in NYC. And what a beautiful event it was! The venue was chic with its long spiraling staircase, the models were gorgeous (obvi), and the clothes were unique and breath-taking (as expected). So proud of my mother-in-law and the whole team at Natori! What a great success! Now, the stores need to buy every item and it will all be worth it!

The invitation

Aunt Aida

The show started at 2 pm. I got there at 2 on the dot. And it was so crowded, that this was my view. Hi Aunt Aida! Yep, no special treatment for me!


Champagne and Godiva Chocolate -- Whaddup?? Don't you love the fashion industry? Boozing on the job or on a break at 2 on a Tuesday? Nothing like going back to the office with a buzz from your "dentist" appointment.

Nice hair

Not sure who this man is, but I looked at the models walk down the stairs through his smart phone video. And don't you just love his hair? (Ben from The Bachelor should take note of *this* hairstyle)


So many photographers, bloggers, store representatives, friends, and important people! OOH LA LA!


The models walked down the staircase instead of a runway. Very glamorous and unique.


The models en route down the stairs together.


The show lasted for 45 minutes -- the first presentation was ridiculously crowded and packed (always a good sign), and then the models repeated the performance a second time around. This was the line up at the end of the first. Mega applause!


Check out the bright and deep colors! LOVE! SWOON! GASP!


I am not sure WHO this lady is, but can we talk about how awesome she looks? Her hat???? Her makeup?? Her fur??? You should have seen her shoes!!! (Is she for reals?)


Gorgeous and practical.

red draped dress

Beautiful model. Beautiful outfit.


Love this look.

Furry arms.

Gorilla arms. Making a comeback.

black and white

MY FAVORITE ENSEMBLE. The dress, the coat. I WANT! I NEED!

gold peek

How hot is this gold sparkle peeking out of the brown sweater? Another thing that I need PRONTO.


Elegant coat and POC (pop of color). Love.

Important People in the Biz: Bobbi Queen (WWD), Julie Ann Reinhart from Natori merchandising, Designer Josie Natori, Etta Froio (WWD).




All together. Overall, the models looked to-die-for in their Shiseido Hair and Make up, Mongolian style buns, and the handcrafted and dreamy Josie Natori Ready to Wear!

HUGE round of applause for all the hard work, determination, dedication, love, and passion of Josie Natori!

Big huge smile on teeny tiny lady.

the end.

The end.

What a well put together, spectacular, and invigorating show! I can’t wait for the next show in September! Until then, back to reality as a frumpy mother and teacher. Le sigh.

Anika Yael Natori, aka The Josie Girl.

P.S.  Congrats to our two giveaway winners: Becca White and Denise Adan.  Thank you to all who entered!

Josie Girl


  1. How come everyone (but you) looks so angry? No smiles, no one happy to be there. Doubt any serious business woman could wear any of this. But, fun enough for the see and be seen trophy wife set.

    • Fashion crowd is generally very serious. Especially at a fashion show. With somber fashion show music on. People take notes and look and observe. It is not a dance party. 🙂

  2. O-M-G!! Such a beautiful collection… the designs are so unique and I love the attention to detail. Each look is spectacular from head to toe, love the updo!

    • The styling was amazing at the show! Loved the combinations of some clothes together — especially the brown sweater with the gold skirt. AWESOME!

  3. That was a beautiful show and I was standing right next to you. ; )
    The lady with the great fur hat is my buddy, Rosemary Ponzo, fashion stylist and an icon at NYFW.

    See you next season!

    • Oh my goodness, HOW FUNNY! I hope I didn’t offend you! You had a great view with your phone….and your hair is fun! Thanks for the heads up on how Rosemary Ponzo is — she certainly looks like a fashion icon….the best part of her outfit was her black shoes with the gold spikes (high tops — I WANT!).

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