Josie Natori Fall12

Josie Natori Ready to Wear Fall 2012 Fashion Show was held yesterday on Valentine’s Day at the Rubin Museum in NYC. And what a beautiful event it was! The venue was chic with its long spiraling staircase, the models were gorgeous (obvi), and the clothes were unique and breath-taking (as expected). So proud of my mother-in-law and the whole team at Natori! What a great success! Now, the stores need to buy every item and it will all be worth it!

The invitation

Aunt Aida

The show started at 2 pm. I got there at 2 on the dot. And it was so crowded, that this was my view. Hi Aunt Aida! Yep, no special treatment for me!


Champagne and Godiva Chocolate -- Whaddup?? Don't you love the fashion industry? Boozing on the job or on a break at 2 on a Tuesday? Nothing like going back to the office with a buzz from your "dentist" appointment.

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