Little Creative Factory Girls Swimsuit

Hello from Oregon! We just returned from our 3 week European vacation and flew directly (via Sardinia via Amsterdam via Seattle to Eugene) to our home away from home; Eugene, Oregon. We arrived Monday morning and have been nonstop since then — camp for the kids, hiking, biking, running, berry picking, and trying not to fall asleep to early and succumb to jetlag….I will post pictures of our time in Greece and Sardinia, but I also don’t want to overload and do a lot of #humblebrags….so instead, drum roll…..little girl’s bathing suits!


I am currently obsessed with my daughter’s swimsuit and want her to wear it every single day (and want it for myself, too). It is the chicest, cutest, most unique, and oh-so-beautiful bathing suit! It is by the brand Little Creative Factory.


In Greece, wearing the ruffle swimsuit. I love the color combination, the ruffle, the fit, and the cut.

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Kiini Bikini

The Kiini bikini! This new popular all-over-the-place bikini is completely mainstream, but I am hopping on the bandwagon. Obsessed! I love the look, the colors, the vibe. This crochet bikini is handmade, so no two are alike. The classic triangle form is the perfect shape and the material embodies the bohemian Josie Girl vibe. What is not to love?


Crochet form.

Crochet form. (Note: this is inside out — the tag should be inside and not showing)

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Everything But Water

This past Saturday, we attended the grand opening of Everything But Water on 80th and Madison (1060 Madison Avenue).  I prefer shopping for most items (especially swimwear) at small boutiques, so this was a no brainer event for me. PLUS, my mother-in-law, Josie Natori was doing a personal appearance that made the event even more fun (combination of work and play). Check out the pics below of the fun event, and some great new swim items.  Enjoy!

Madison Avenue!

Madison Avenue! Swimwear shopping on a grey dreary day (Can we talk about this May weather???)

Pretty Natori swimwear displayed on the wall.

Pretty Natori swimwear displayed on the wall. Everyone has got-to-love the hot pink one piece. HAWT!

Racks of Natori.

Racks of Natori, for your racks.

Mrs. Natori in bright and colorful Natori ready-to-wear.

Mrs. Natori in bright and colorful Josie Natori ready-to-wear. Matching handbag. Obvi.

Personal appearance! No one more chic and stylish!

Personal appearance! No one more chic and stylish!

This hat with the swimsuit! Match made in heaven!

This hat with the swimsuit. Match made in heaven!

Favorite hat!!!

Favorite hat!!! I found myself a winner.

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