Little Creative Factory Girls Swimsuit

Hello from Oregon! We just returned from our 3 week European vacation and flew directly (via Sardinia via Amsterdam via Seattle to Eugene) to our home away from home; Eugene, Oregon. We arrived Monday morning and have been nonstop since then — camp for the kids, hiking, biking, running, berry picking, and trying not to fall asleep to early and succumb to jetlag….I will post pictures of our time in Greece and Sardinia, but I also don’t want to overload and do a lot of #humblebrags….so instead, drum roll…..little girl’s bathing suits!


I am currently obsessed with my daughter’s swimsuit and want her to wear it every single day (and want it for myself, too). It is the chicest, cutest, most unique, and oh-so-beautiful bathing suit! It is by the brand Little Creative Factory.


In Greece, wearing the ruffle swimsuit. I love the color combination, the ruffle, the fit, and the cut.

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Spring Break! Natori Swim

Spring is in the air — and Spring Break is right around the corner. (One of the biggest benefits of being a teacher is the school schedule. “Spring break”, “winter break”, and “summer vacation” are all still meaningful events to me. Drives Ken crazy.) So, time to get your booty into bikini shape and purchase a hot new looking suit to match those killer abs (or massive pregnant belly). As much as I would love to show a picture of me in a bathing suit (sarcastic tone, obvi), I think it would probably be best if I didn’t. No one wants to see love handles on a 7 month pregnant chick. And I DEFINITELY don’t want to expose myself on camera, so no pictures of me in a bathing suit! A win-win situation.

Natori swim

Natori swim is the natural evolution of Natori bringing East meets West style to the beach or to the pool. Signature embellishments, exotic prints and detailed hardware all make the suits stick out!

I am so excited about my first Natori swimsuit! Seriously couldn’t be more thrilled. I have mentioned before that although a “Natori,” I am not always sold on every product and would never just promote something because it is “Natori.” So when I say that the swimsuits are amazing, trust me, they are THAT AH-MAZING. Like literally, life changing. I want to get a hold of every swim suit because they fit so perfectly. Everything about them is truly scrumptious — the look, the feel, the fit, the coverage, THE SUIT. It is perfection — and that says a lot coming from Miss Picky here.

They are so great that they are featured in Sports Illustrated’s 2012 Swimsuit Shoot on Irina Shayk, the cover model in 2011!  (She is wearing the Koko Multi Print Balconette and Hipster).


How beautiful is Irina rocking this colored leopard Natori suit? Love Irina and love Natori.

Also, Nicki Minaj was just paparazzi’d in Natori swim as well! (Triangle with Slider, Full Coverage Bottom)  (Read on for an exclusive deal for Josie Girl Blog readers!)

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