Paris June 2019 Highlights

Bonjour! My apologies for the slow posts these past two weeks — it was quite difficult to get on the internet to do any posts especially because I had a major computer issue a…..turns out, all is okay with my computer but the head of the charger died — who knew that that was a thing? In any case, I am now back in the USA *with* a working computer, so back to normal post schedules. I wanted to first share with you all some of the pictures and highlights of my time in Paris with the kids — we did go to the South of France for an amazing trip as well, and I will post those later. In the meantime, enjoy these photos!


In the Tuileries, one of our favorite activities is the trampoline park. It is an old school little hut with a man that got to know us because we went so often. Everyday when we would get there he would say hello and when we would leave, he would say “See you tomorrow.”

Everyday in Paris is an ice cream day… almost twice a day we would get some yummy gelato.

We walked A LOT. On average, 30,000 steps and over 8 miles a day. The kids did a great job and rarely complained — especially because we got treats along the way and would often stop to see music playing in the streets.

The most underrated activity in Paris is a hot air balloon in the 16th arrondissement. The balloon was attached to the ground, and simply went up 150 meters in the air, stayed there for 10 minutes and came back down. The views were incredible and it was really fun.

The balloon.

Not very touristy, which is another reason we loved it. No lines and very few people.

Up up up and away.

We spent a lot of time on the Seine, walking around and just people watching. There was also a climbing park right near the bridge that took us home, so we spent a lot of time there playing and climbing.

Shockingly, Paris is a great city for kids to walk around in — especially with these parks splattered around the city.


Went to quite a few  museums which was also great fun. When we went to the Louvre, we had a guide, which made it much more approachable and fun for the kids. I had not been inside the Louvre in 30 years so it was great to relearn some information and soak up the beauty.


We also spent a bit of time outside the Eiffel Tower. One night we had a picnic… one night we just gazed at its beauty.

We also went twice to Jardin D’Acclimitation, an amusement park in Bois de Bologne. Who knew an amusement park could be so chic? Only the French….

It was great because you paid 35 euros for unlimited rides….

Another favorite place we visited is Montmartre and Sacre Coeur — I love this part of the city.

Double fisiting crepes! I miss them already….

Everywhere we went, there were pretty doors and colors to take in.

One day, we walked to the Rodin Museum and enjoyed the gardens and museum. AND the cafe.

My little booties on the bridge. In addition to our daily trips to the trampoline park, we had our special guy for ice cream on the Pont Alexandre III bridge. He knew us and would always talk to us.

Sacre Coeur.

More walking.

Although traveling solo with kids can be difficult, it is also rewarding and memorable. I love our times together and cherish these adventures and special moments. I will share photos of our incredible stay in South of France later, too! And I promise to not #overshare and bore you with too many photos. I hope you are having a great week! I can’t believe it’s July!

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  1. Love that you built small relationships with some of the locals!!! What an authentic way to spend your time in Paris!!

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