Housewarming Gifts 101: Coffee Table Books

Last month while still in NYC, my West Coast biffle stopped in for a sleepover on her way through NYC. As always, she gifted us the most unique, thoughtful, and special housewarming gift: a collection of coffee table books. (Her last gift, which I also posted on, is here.) Each book is beautiful, interesting, and special, but what makes them even more special, is that they are so me! Take a look at the selection — I love the idea of presenting friends with a collection of books that they can flip through and read for years to come.


The large heavy stack!

The large heavy stack!

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Renovation Post #2

In August, I posted about our renovation and how lucky we are to be able to combine two apartments together to form our dream home. So here we are, now in November, and while we are progressing, the end doesn’t seem much closer (still living with my in-laws). IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT, but man, it can be difficult not having my own home or space. My in laws are incredibly generous with their home, yet, it is still not our own…..

ZEN -- my in law's apartment is ZEN, of course, until you see our side and mess and chaos and craziness.

ZEN — my in law’s apartment is ZEN, of course, until you see our mess and chaos and craziness.

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The Glitter Guide Feature!

I am (majorly) blushing…..I’m so excited to share with you the latest feature by my new friends at The Glitter Guide!  The lifestyle website dedicated to helping its readers “shine bright” put together a really fun article featuring our home.  I LOVE the piece and am so flattered they featured the pictures and details of my interview with them.  Enjoy the below pics then click through to the article.. Thanks Glitter Guide!



I am awkward. And it kind of looks like I am wearing 80’s arm warmers (as cool as they are, I am not).



I LOVE this pic!

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