Rachel Comey Earrings

I NEVER EVER EVER EVER take off my studs. They are a part of my ears (body) and just never leave. I shower, run, sleep, and do everything in my studs. But recently, I came across these aceate hoop earrings by Rachel Comey, and they are light, comfortable, hip, and easy….I love them and actually think I can rotate them into my ear repertoire.


The box. I have always been a fan of Rachel Comey’s clothes, and now I am a fan of her earrings (and for some reason, I love the box that they come in….it’s the small things….)

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Bauble Bar Pearl Earrings

If you live in NYC, then you are more likely to be in touch with certain fashion trends. What does that mean? It means that the common person (like myself) knows about who wore what earrings to what fancy gathering, who is the spokesperson for what company etc….Like Jennifer Lawrence is the spokesman for Dior. And therefore, in the Dior advertisements, she wears certain Dior earrings, wears these earrings at various events, and represents Dior. AND MAN, does she look good! And THOSE EARRINGS!!!! Hot damn, those earrings.


The earrings -- front and back pearls, small and big.

The earrings — front and back pearls, small and big.

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