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I NEVER EVER EVER EVER take off my studs. They are a part of my ears (body) and just never leave. I shower, run, sleep, and do everything in my studs. But recently, I came across these aceate hoop earrings by Rachel Comey, and they are light, comfortable, hip, and easy….I love them and actually think I can rotate them into my ear repertoire.


The box. I have always been a fan of Rachel Comey’s clothes, and now I am a fan of her earrings (and for some reason, I love the box that they come in….it’s the small things….)

The earrings are big. But they are super light. They are acrylic and will not drag your head down (or your ear).

They come in two different colors — these light / mauve ones, or in a darker tortoise. I selected the lighter ones because they blend in more with my hair and are less of a statement piece….(sometimes I go for subtle).

AND NOW SOME AWKWARD SELFIE PICTURES! Here I am, no make up and dried chapped lips, but with the earrings on. So pay attention to the earrings, and not my face.

Cute right? I love them and can’t wait to wear them all Fall.

You see, they are subtle! You don’t notice how big they actually are.


And they are a good price point, which I always love….especially for jewelry. To purchase, go here. And to see the darker tortoise version, go here. I kinda love (and therefore, want) both of them.

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