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If you live in NYC, then you are more likely to be in touch with certain fashion trends. What does that mean? It means that the common person (like myself) knows about who wore what earrings to what fancy gathering, who is the spokesperson for what company etc….Like Jennifer Lawrence is the spokesman for Dior. And therefore, in the Dior advertisements, she wears certain Dior earrings, wears these earrings at various events, and represents Dior. AND MAN, does she look good! And THOSE EARRINGS!!!! Hot damn, those earrings.


The earrings -- front and back pearls, small and big.

The earrings — front and back pearls, small and big.


I toyed with the idea of buying them (so seriously that I went to the Dior store 1/2 mile away from my apartment, tried them on, ooohhh-ed and aaaaahhhhh-ed) but decided that although I loved them, I didn’t love the fact that they were so $$ for being so fake. Nothing about them is real — not real pearls, no gold, nothing. But they look awesome and fun! A combination of tribal and preppy — ALL IN ONE.

Big and shiny.

Big and shiny.


So what do you know, I bought them on Bauble Bar for 1/200th of the price. Yep, that is right. Same exact earrings — probably even made with the same material at the same Chinese Factory for 28 dollars! Not $280. Not $500, but $28! SOLD RIGHT THEN AND THERE!


Tribal preppy.

Tribal preppy.

Front view -- multidimensional earrings.

Front view — multidimensional earrings.

The bulge in the back.

The bulge in the back.

How they work....

How they work….


Check out how awesome these earrings are. They have a decorative backing and a shimmering metallic finish. So happy with this new addition to my jewelry collection, and love the price just as much! They are great last minute stocking stuffers, or a Merry Hannukah present for yourself. Aren’t you drooling all over them???

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