Chard Apple Salad

Made it to Oregon after an oops-where-is-the-airport-bathroom-uh-oh-kid-had-an-accident type of situation. That = unfun. Oregon = Green, calm, rainy forest (Oregon, didn’t you get the memo? I came out for SUMMER not Spring-Fall-Winter rain!). My mother is a cooking machine and since we are so many at the house, she is now a member of not one, but TWO CSA boxes. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, more greens and kale and chard and spinach than you can ever imagine. Wednesdays *and* Fridays! Not that I am complaining because there is nothing better than fresh farm vegetables, but my mother has to get creative with all the greens in the house. And this recipe (random concoction created by Nana Proskurowski) was unbelievable. So good that I had to recreate it the next day!





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