Raw Apple Balls

Sometimes, I fail. Today is an example of having good intentions and thinking that I could make an awesome recipe, and instead… it flopped. I am sharing this with you in hopes that maybe someone can fix this recipe and make it edible? All the components are tasty and I am still eating my concoction, but it just isn’t right. I need HELP! (Comments/suggestions appreciated!)



In any case, for some reason, I am eating double the amount NOW versus when I was pregnant. I guess it is true that nursing a baby burns a lot of calories, but DAMN ladies, I am literally hungry ALL THE TIME! No matter how much I eat, I still want more…

I was craving a snack that is (1) itty bitty in size (2) sweet (3) healthy (4) easy to make (if you make it correctly).  My raw apple balls actually became raw apple mousse. The mousse *is* delicious…but it’s not the raw apple balls the recipe promised to be. The dough was just too sticky which made it impossible to form balls. I SWEAR IT IS DELICIOUS no matter what the form is, but they are not an easy snacks to eat. I want little balls of goodness!



Apples, walnuts, dates, almonds, and cinnamon are always on hand in our kitchen. Thank goodness I didn't go to the store just to get these ingredients and then fail!

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