Currently Loving January 2024

ANOTHER YEAR, another Currently Loving post! And so here we are! Here is what I am loving:


1. No.6 Store Socks


My forever style muse sent me an email to get these socks — and whatever she tells me to get, I do! (She used to have her own style newsletter and I wish she still had it!!!). These socks are fun (not necessarily warm for NYC winters, but cute and stylish) and I can’t wait to wear them!


2. Cityscape Needlepoint Project

I needlepointed this canvas early summer and had it professionally finished. It came back in December and I LOVE the result. It is a little pouch.


3. Bright Young Women


Read this over break and thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely creepy and a thriller!



4. Nobu Seasonal Drink


Nothing makes me happier than a Lychee Martini at Nobu — but this seasonal “honey infused vodka citrus” drink was incredible. And the bee up top? Beautiful! SLLLLURRRPPP


5. Thank you Darling


This new mural on the High Line (22nd street) is done by a Danish artist. I loved the colors and scale of it all. Definitely worth checking out. (On winter days, I like to get the kids out of the house for some kind of activity — so in this case, it was to walk the High Line — something they are not thoroughly pleased by, but YOLO).


6. Walking Across the Street Pictures


Not sure I will ever get old of pictures of people walking across the street. In this case, you get to see the NEW star on 57th and 5th. And my cutie patootie son. Obvi.


7. Jack Harlow – Lovin on Me


LOVE THIS SONG. Yes, any minute, it will be overplayed, but until then, I can’t stop, won’t stop.



Ok, done. What are you loving this month? Additionally, I would love to NOT be sick, NOT have a cough and runny nose, have my energy full back on, and have longer sunnier days…..Do share with me, please, I always love to hear and appreciate so much the people that send me emails, messages, texts, etc, with their current loves of the month!

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