Montana Winter Break

FIRST OF ALL -Happy New Year! 2024 — here we are, (and let’s make it a great year)! Secondly, I am so sorry for disappearing. Yes, I disappeared. In December, I taught, got sick, went on trips to Florida and Montana, and then came back to NYC to just jump right back into teaching…’s been a blur. Oh and yeah, the first week back teaching, I got sick again — damn kids and their germs!!! But I am back. It will be my first time ever trying to teach full time and write this blog, so it might take a while to get in to the rhythm, but I love this blog, so not giving it up! So thank you for being patient with me as I figure out how to do everything in one day! In the meantime, I want to share pictures with you from Montana because this vacation was spectacular. One of a kind, and I feel so lucky to have gone.


The colors — all the colors — night and day are one of a kind. Spectacular. Here we are with the six kids taking sleds up a teeny tiny hill to sled down.

We were very fortunate that friends-that-are-family have a house in Montana and they invited us to join them for Winter Break. Talk about LUCKY. Not only do Ken and I both love the friends, but the kids love their kids. It is truly one of those situations, where it is easy to be together for a full week (not the case for a lot of people). Their house in Montana is amazing. AHMAZING, AMAAAAAAZING. It was literally heaven and a playground for adults and kids alike.


Ice skating at sunset!

Candy shacks at every corner!

Downhill skiing!

Movies (I am obsessed with their reindeer lights).

Cuddling in the bunk room.

The snow was insanely beautiful. Looked fake — look at those flakes!!!!!

We went snowshoeing.

More sledding.

Background looks fake — but it’s real. And yes, I gave my snow boots to Cruzzie so he could sled, and then my feet were soaking wet and freezing — the things that we do for our kids with half their brains working.

Skiing to lunches.

The cutest pair — Robin and Tusia.

First time skiing in almost 10 years. I knew that I couldn’t NOT ski on this trip, and I am very glad that I did. It was so fun.

Lights up at Big Sky.

Smores before dinner.

Family basketball in the Kids’ Club, late night, post closing time.

Puzzles in the morning before anyone else was awake.


The ramen shack.

Bison and sushi lunch.

Cowboy dinner.



An incredible, wonderful, perfect Montana trip! And now, here we are! Back to reality….and back to the blog!!! Have a great week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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