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It was arctic temperatures in NYC this past weekend (and week!), which meant, finding fun indoor activities to get us out of the house. So with a little research, I found Mercer Labs, a new light and technology museum in TriBeCa. I had high hopes of this museum as the reviews were great — and it was even better than I expected. Mercer Labs is a 15 room immersive and interactive experience. Each room was SO cool and we absolutely loved every part of it. We stayed for a full hour, but could have easily been there a lot longer.


Everything about the museum was terrific — not just the exhibits, but the staff, the cleanliness, all of it.

At the start, they give you booties to put on your shoes to keep everything super clean.

Pictures don’t do this place justice — you have to go. It is HUGE and each minute is different. I brought Tusia and two of her besties, and it was so much fun for the three of them (and me, too).

Me and Tusia on a swing. The museum incorporated all senses into the exhibits.


Selfie, sorry, couldn’t help myself.

This room was my favorite — and the picture shows nothing.

When we were done with all 15 rooms, we wanted to go through the whole thing again. An employee said that we weren’t able to, but then showed us a trick on how to do so without anyone knowing. So we were super fortunate to go through it all again.

So if you live in or near NYC, highly highly recommend checking our Mercer Labs — any and all age groups would enjoy this activity!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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