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On Wednesday this past week, a friend organized a hat making class in Brooklyn through Mad in Brooklyn.  It was a full day of hat making, crafting, and learning all about hat making. It was an incredible experience and I loved every minute of making my hat. To top it off (get it)., I love the hat that I made. So it was a win win day and experience.


To make the experience even better there were tacos, tortilla chips, AND margaritas. That alone, made it fun.

The friend who organized took a private class a couple months ago and loved it so much (and her hat) that she put together a class for 6 friends. Most of us were there from 11-4, but a couple had to leave earlier due to work. That said, it took the entire time 11-4.

The entire studio was beautiful with hats and supplies.

There were so many steps! It is a process! Who knew? Iron….



The shape of the hat!

The band inside required a lot of work, too!


And then the bedazzled steps or decorating. This is what it is currently — I embroidered some little stars and put on some leather rope, but I want to add more.

More heavy placement to make the brim flat.

Here is the final product!


Everyone had a different color and style and touch, making it so fun and different. I want to go back and take another class to make another hat! And if you need an activity, I highly suggest taking the class — so informative, fun, and productive, too!


A different hat and style.

Two of the other hats.


FUN! A great activity! Have a great weekend (and I can’t believe it is the weekend already…)

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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