Doorless Helicopter Tour of NYC

For Cruz’s 13th birthday last week, all he wanted was a doorless helicopter ride of the city. Since I had very few presents to give him, I thought that this gift would be extra special to him as it was an experience he could remember forever. Mind you, I hate heights, and don’t like to be on balconies of buildings, but in the end, it was worth it to see how happy Cruz was. I did a lot of research leading up to it and found that FlyNyon had the best reviews. Sure enough, the customer service was amazing and our experience unforgettable, and would definitely recommend this company to any one that is crazy enough to do it.


I didn’t make the reservations until the morning of. I couldn’t figure it out online (and I wanted a later time), so I called the number, and was greeted by the most HELPFUL person ever, Colleen.

Colleen offered us 70% off (yep!!! Huge discount) and said that if we wanted to do the 11 o’clock tour, that we would need to get there by 9:45. It was a little bit of a mess getting there, but we did. To ride the doorless helicopter, you have to be 12 years or older. You have to be attached and there is a lot of safety requirements beforehand.

But everyone that worked for the company was so nice and helpful that the waiting time went quickly. There is a maximum of 6 people per helicopter ride — and in our case, it was me, Cruz, 1 man from China, 1 woman from the Netherlands, and 1 woman from Brazil. They were all tourists and said that this was one of the best experiences they had in NYC — and I agree — it was so beautiful and such an unique trip.


Cruzzie loves legos, and seeing Manhattan from up high, reminded me of a lego village.

My foot and Manhattan.

Felt like a movie scene.

My favorite picture from the experience.

Statue of Liberty……and my dunks.

Our birthday adventure together.



We both loved it (I loved how happy he was) and highly recommend this as a super fun adventure. Have a great weekend!!!!

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