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Through a friend, I was introduced to Good Eats, a program that feeds elementary school children, every weekend. Sadly, all over our country, there are children that eat all their meals at school through government subsidized programs. As a result, over the weekend when they are not in school, they do not eat. Good Eats comes in to schools where there is a need and gives students a package of food to put in their backpacks for the weekend. Often times these kids do not have can openers or fridges that work — so the food has to be nonperishable and have a shelf life. Yes, the goal is to change the world through KALE (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE KALE), but the reality, is that the food needs to be accessible and easy for the kids to eat. Basic hunger.


A distributor that is partnered with Good Eats, delivers the food to the school once a month. We were supposed to meet him at 830. He did not show up until past noon…..but grateful even more so.

On the wall of the school, PS 133 in East Harlem. Rings true.

BOXES AND BOXES AND BOXES. We had to transport the boxes to the location where the food is stored, and then placed on a shelf to maximize space. It was quite the process — loading, unloading, loading, and unloading.

A huge load. It was my workout for the day. Took hours.

The menu — meals for Saturday and Sunday.

Each kid (that is notified as someone who needs the food, by the social worker of the school), brings home the ziploc for the weekend. Easy — and they have food to get them through a little bit. Everything helps.

The flattened mound of boxes.

Good Eats was started by Adam Rosante. HE IS INCREDIBLE. AN INSPIRATION. INCREDIBLE. To read more about how he started Good Eats, go here.


If you are in NYC (or in LA) and want to donate your time, let me know! And if you don’t have time or energy but have money, everything helps. The money Good Eats raises goes directly to the food — no one on Good Eats gets a paycheck. As Adam says “We consider the work we do an honor and a privilege. Every person who donates dollars has a direct impact on a child’s health, happiness and future success.” I am thrilled to start this valuable work with Good Eats and cannot wait to get more involved.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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