Ice Cream Cake

Apparently I am on a dessert kick because all my recent posts have been about dessert — apologies — but this one NEEDS to be shared (again). I posted this recipe seven years ago (yes, I have been doing this blog for a looooong time) and it is so good that I need to remind you about it. Ice Cream Cake made with Ice Cream Sandwiches! I learned this genius recipe hack from my sister-from-another-mister.


Finished product! Look how gorgeous — and they are even more delicious.




* two boxes of ice cream sandwiches

* whipping cream

* toppings to give it some crunch — chocolate covered almonds or crunch bar or anything yummy




Line a loaf pan with wax paper. And then place the sandwiches on the bottom.

Like so. It is a heat wave in Oregon and so the only type of sandwiches left were the mini square ones — they work. Anything works.

Make homemade whipping cream (it is the best).

First layer.

Then place the whipping cream on top of the first layer. And then add a second layer of sandwiches. As you can see, some of our sandwiches were circular versus rectangular — they still work. Anything works!

These were my crunch and they are delicious!

After second layer of whipping cream, add the topping! Go crazy and have fun!


Tusia got very into decorating hers.

Put in the freezer.

Then slice it and enjoy!


So easy to make and save, and everyone loves it!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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