Coolhaus Ice Cream

Hands down, my favorite ice cream of all time is Coolhaus Banana Foster. Decadent, rich, creamy and oh so delicious — it tastes exactly like Banana Foster (my all time favorite dessert) but in ice cream form. Then I found out, *ALL* of the flavors Coolhaus makes are incredible, and that you can’t go wrong. Right now, I am especially fond of their ice cream sandwiches aka “sammies“. And believe it or not, they have dairy free sandwich options so vegans and lactose-intolerant people can still enjoy these scrumptious desserts.


You should see my freezer — I like to hoard ice cream. But we also eat a lot of it — 4 pints, 2 boxes of Ice Cream bars, and multiple sandwiches PER WEEK.

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Root Beer Float

OK, this might be the stupidest and most obvious post ever (or genius, depending on who you ask), but I recently became reacquainted with root beer floats, and I CANNOT GET ENOUGH. Seriously, two ingredients lead to the most refreshing and delicious snack slash dinner. It truly tastes like heaven, especially if you use high quality ice cream and root beer.


TWO — just two — ingredients!

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Ice Cream Flower Pots

One of my dearest friends from Ken’s Stanford Business School class, Katie, is someone I have always looked up to. Not only is she brilliant (obviously), fun (best dancer ever), smiley, honest, and real, but she also has the best homemaker skills of anyone I know. Yes –  totally sounds sexist, but when I met her when I was 25 years old, I didn’t know anyone who sewed their own curtains, made their own scalloped potatoes for dinner parties, and hosted lavish, extravagant sit down dinners with all homemade dishes.  So I am thrilled to have Katie guest blog today on “Ice Cream Flower Pots.” Thanks so much, Katie. Love you dearly.



My mom first made these “ice cream flower pots” for my 10th birthday party which was a joint party with my dear friend Carrie who had a birthday the same week as mine.  We themed the party “Pink and Purple” so all our friends wore everything pink and purple, as did our moms and my older sister who was the “helper”. The party was afternoon backyard games and a BBQ at Carrie’s house, and then a slumber party at my house.  The ten or so girls in attendance are still some of my closest friends, and to this day, everyone remembers the “ice cream flower pots” that thrilled us all when they were revealed as dessert.  They embody the creative and festive flair that my mom was known for bringing to everything she did.  She passed away 6 years ago and I miss her every day, but making treats like this on a lovely summer day for the ones I love makes her feel close in my heart again.


Beautiful flowers....but wait, it's a delicious dessert!

Beautiful flowers….but wait, it’s a delicious dessert!

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Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Sugar, dairy and fat heaven! Ice Cream Sandwich Cake! Oh my, worth every single bite. Based off of the following recipes from: Mommy’s Kitchen, All Recipes, and A Free Recipe. This is truly the easiest homemade dessert, perfect for parties and summer BBQs. (Also, be sure to read through the whole post for info on a special promotion!)


Ice cream cakes!

Ice cream cakes!

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Ample Hills Creamery

Even in sub-freezing temperatures, nothing is better than Ample Hills Ice Cream. Sold at three different Brooklyn locations and as of YESTERDAY, at the Gotham West Market in Manhattan, this ice cream is like no other. More like a pot of 24K gold in comparison to bronze.  Not only does it taste delicious, but it is the only ice cream parlor in New York City that makes ice cream completely from scratch on the premises. It gets its eggs and dairy from local farms, and each aspect of the ice cream is handmade with premium ingredients. Holy cow.


The store

The Gowanus Ice Cream Parlor on a recent cold, snowy, freezing weekend afternoon. Check out the roof deck up top. I want to have a party up there — for lazy people who don’t want to come to my party in Brooklyn, they will not know what they are missing. It is simply amazing.

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Raw Vegan Ice Cream

Who knew that an ice cream NOT made from dairy could be so delicious ? Hallelujah! Another alternative for vegans and the lactose-intolerant. Thanks to Raw Ice Cream Company, vegans and rawists now have a sweet treat to consume. And let me tell you: even if you are NOT vegan, you are *STILL* going to love Raw Ice Cream. It is just that awesome.

Raw Ice Cream Company

Founded in 2007, Raw Ice Cream Company is based out of Long Beach, New York. Their ice cream is vegan and entirely free of soy, rice, dairy or preservatives of any kind.The ingredient list is unbelievably pure and real: homemade coconut milk, raw cashews, agave nectar, cacao powder, whole vanilla bean, sea salt, and raw cocoa butter. That is it. Who knew it could be so simple? NO PROCESSED SUGAR AND NO ANIMAL FAT!

Why raw

Yeah, sure, some people might complain that this ice cream has cashews and cashews are nuts with fat. But it is *good* fat. The fat that comes from cashews helps lower cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, and cleanse your arteries.  So, ladies, this fat is good for you and crucial in your diet. So, don’t just eat a spoonful of this ice cream, eat the whole tub!



Currently, they offer 8 different flavors of ice cream: chocolate, vanilla, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate cookie, chocolate fudge, vanilla fudge swirl, mint, and mint chip.

Ready for dessert

Ready for dessert with not just ONE carton, but TWO!!! Jackpot!

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