Spain 2022 Highlights

I was fortunate enough to spend the last 2 weeks in Southern Spain with my parents, daughter, and Ken (for a week) where we relaxed and explored together. It was refreshing and rejuvenating to leave the US and get fresh air and tastes of a different culture. Here are the highlights:


Every morning, I ran. Over the two weeks, I ran 98 miles. Up hills, down hills, and NEVER on flat surfaces. It was the hardest place I have EVER EVER RUN in my entire life, and I hope that it makes me a stronger (and faster) runner. Each morning, I would dread my run, but I loved it so much afterwards. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to explore my surroundings and really have a feel for the area.

Me and my summer buddy spent a lot of time embroidering and needlepointing. Tusia learned how to embroider at her weekly weaving class, and she is as obsessed with it as I am with my own needlepoint projects. We lounged a lot and worked on our separate projects.

The sea — all with hikes and adventures to get to. Beautiful, picturesque, and so warm.

Our favorite mid day snacks. I think we ate 7-8 of these BOXES during the two weeks. If you ever find them in a store, you must buy them.  They are the perfect bite of ice cream.

Resting at the pool.

Resting at the rest area.

We went on a lot of hikes and walks. This hike was very steep (you can’t tell in the picture) and very hot, but we did it.

We ate out only a couple of times (we were in a very rural area), but I love that Tusia can still sit on my lap, so had to include this as a highlight.

After dinner, we would go on walks. It was sunny and HOT until 10 at night, so we always had hats on. My parents rock some fun hats.

I hate swimming, but as the only playmate for Tusia, I spent a lot of time in the water “racing” and “playing.” I am not one of those fun water moms, but I tried during these two weeks….

Ken came for a fun week and we explored even more together.

I always love her hiking outfits.


I finished my needlepoint project and am very happy with how it turned out.

Here we are in the nearby village (3 miles away, but a long walk or car ride). We are holding a space for Cruzzie, who was away at camp and couldnt join us.

Ken ate a goat. Here it is with its head and teeth. BARF.

It was perfect timing to watch Wimbledon for the full two weeks. We watched EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT. And I am not sure what I am goign to do now that it is over? Poor Rafa withdrew after his quarterfinal match, but he will forever be my GOAT.

Sunset walks. In our pajamas. Not Natori pajamas — need a picture with those.

More extreme hiking — and yes poles are great for uphills and downhills.

Fresh orange juice squeezed everyday by Tusia.

A labor of love (and a good activity)

Our final walk.



Now we are in Provence for two weeks — more time to explore, eat bread, run hills, and savor our family time together. Hope everyone is having a great summer thus far. Much love. Always.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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