Currently Loving July 2022

There is a lot to love in July — summer, sunshine, no school, and a shift in seasons; but here are some other things that I am loving this month.


1. Gazpacho

There is nothing I love more than gazpacho — it is my all time favorite soup — and I craved it when I was pregnant with Cruzzie the entire pregnancy. So now that I am in Spain, on the few times we have gone out, I have ordered gazpacho — and it has always tasted delicious. I love tasting the different restaurants and styles — all absolutely delicious, healthy, and refreshing.

2. AGOLDE Parker Shorts


One of my dear friends who happens to be my denim consultant (she ALWAYS knows the right jeans and cuts and what fits right), told me about these shorts, and they are SO GREAT. I love them. Comfortable, high waisted, and I think they look cute, too!


3. Ice Cream in Swimming Pool




4. The Summer I Turned Pretty


This series on Amazon Prime is SO CHEESY and SO GOOD. Tusia and I devoured it in in three days. I love it, a great series to watch with your tween or teen kids.


5. The Staircase


NOT A KID FRIENDLY series, as it is a murder thriller, and although I just started, I can’t stop thinking about it (it is based on a true story) and can’t wait to watch more.


6. Spelling Bee Genius Streak


Yes, I am on vacation and have very little to do, so I have spent every single day working on Spelling bee on the NYTimes app. I am proud to say that every day last week I scored “genius” score and I hope that I continue to have that streak (and mental smartness, too — who knows, it might have been a fluke?).


7. Original Sin by Sofi Tukker


SUCH A GOOD SONG. Summer perfection, again.



What are you loving this month? And sorry for the wacky times of the blog this week — it has been vacation mode and I don’t know what day is what!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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