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A new kind of coffee company is in NYC and it is going to CHANGE the coffee scene. About Time serves unexpected coffee creations through a speedy on-the-go coffee experience. You order on line on their simple app to the nearest location and then you pick it up. Yes, sounds like a typical coffee place, but in addition to 3 storefronts, they have “locations” around the city that you can schedule your pick up for — and they are there with your cooler and your coffee. They see themselves as magicians introducing modern sensibilities to the traditional cafe offerings…..and I couldn’t agree more!


I placed my order to 45th and 5th, and this was my “store.” A nice man with my coffee all ready.

You order your iced brew online.

Specialty drinks.

Not cheap, but worth it.

The cold brew is delicious, as was the matcha latte. You have an option of whole milk or oat milk.

Literally the next block, I saw another one! (And I love this picture because it so captures NYC right now — covid testing tent and a coffee on bike).


So if you happen to be in NYC, definitely try About Time: innovative, smart, and great coffee on the go.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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