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Scandinavians always do EVERYTHING right — not only are the most beautiful people, but they create a standard and quality of products that outdo any other region in the world. So when I found out about Amundsen Sports, a Norwegian outdoor apparel company, I knew that I would love it. And yes, it also helped that one of my closest friends is Norwegian with the chicest taste and style who is even more outdoorsy and adventuresome than I am, is the one who told me about this company.  It didn’t take much and now I am sold — obsessed with my newest Amundsen shorts (to start with) for all my outdoor summer plans.


Pop up in Soho! GO, RUN, LOOK, TRY ON!

Launched in 2011, Amundsen Sports recently opened up its first pop up store in New York (until July 1st) with an incredible selection of clothing and scandi items. The clothing is truly a combination of tradition and innovation, that enhances the daily life of those of us who spend any time outdoors. The pop up store is at 262 Mott Street — GO! A must! Not only to purchase the clothing, but the sales people are beautiful and incredibly kind and helpful — probably the nicest in the city.


So chic! Everything is the highest of quality for all outdoor adventures (and lounging).


Their products are inspired by the past but built for the future with advanced technical features and state-of-the-art materials. Just in time for (summer) outdoor adventures! The store sells both men and women’s clothing and all of the products are adaptable, versatile, long-lasting and stylish. The clothing looks good both hiking / climbing /backpacking or in an urban setting and just hanging around. Who knew outdoor clothing could be so stylish?


I love these short shorts — they look great on everyone.

The classic and most well known short. They are indestructible.

Trying on. Don’t mind my random top with it — not very outdoorsy or matching….

The men’s side.

OBSESSED with these shorts. Look at the quality. Love everything about them.

The perfect length.

All of the products are made in Europe.

In action.

The perfect and most comfortable fit.


If you are not in Manhattan between now and July 1st to check out the pop up store, Amundsen Sports also sells to 40 different retailers across the country, and even better, they have a beautiful e-commerce store here. I obviously recommend the 5 inch Concord Garment shorts (the orange ones), but the men’s collection looks unbelievable too and would make the perfect Father’s Day present for all the fathers and husbands!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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