Natur Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

A dear friend recently launched Natur Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. These bars are non toxic, super luxe, high performing hair care in a bar format. This means that there is no plastic, less waste, no preservatives, no chemicals, a more minimalist shower experience and a healthier way to wash your hair. I am not just saying I love these products because I want to support a friend (which of course, I want to in ADDITION), but these shampoo and conditioner bars are really transformative and top notch. They will change your shower, your hair, and your approach to plastic.


Simple and chic boxes.


These little bars (which resemble the perfect button) are handmade and poured in New York. Not only are they made of natural ingredients but their smell is divine from essential oils. The bars work on all hair types and make your hair so shiny and silky.



Only the best!


I am so excited to see what else Natur develops as the shampoo and conditioner bars are top quality and are beautiful, smell like a spa, and make your hair so silky and smooth.


I remember — the dark one is the shampoo, the creamy one is the conditioner.

This is ALL you need in your shower. Amazing, right?


I cannot recommend these bars more. To read more about Natur, go here and to buy the products, go here.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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