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In the past month, I have had a lot of screen time (even more than normal pandemic increased screen time). Here are the movies and shows that I have enjoyed watching.


1. The Blind Side


A MUST WATCH WITH THE KIDS! I saw this movie ages ago (when it came out) but we watched it as a family this past week and it was hands down a winner for all of us. A must watch.

2. Safety


Recommended by a friend after I told her about our win with The Blind Side, she told me to watch this, and we ALSO loved it!!!!! It even had two of the same actors in it (obviously they have a genre of heartwarming football movies).


3. Parenthood


Also an old TV series, but ANOTHER show that is family friendly (some advanced material and a great watch. I forgot how much I love this show.


4. The Sinner


Definitely NOT family friendly or kid friendly, but a great series that kept my mind off of other things!


5. Biggie


Another adult movie (not for kids) and a great interesting documentary.


Any other family friendly or not so family friendly tv or movie recommendations? Do share! Obviously, things are going to open up in the world more as everyone gets vaccinated, but I still envision a lot of nights with the family on the couch, so please share any recommendations. Thank you!

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