Anita Gelato

My favorite addition to the Upper East Side is the Israeli Gelato place, Anita Gelato. Everything about Anita is perfection; the atmosphere, the service, the packaging, and most of all, the gelato. It is unlike anything I have ever tasted and crave it regardless of the cold temperatures. It is truly AMAZING.


Look how gorgeous!

I love the gold, the lights, the flavors, EVERYTHING!

One of each!

I always get the same two flavors; nutella and limoncella. Can’t get enough!

This is a small.

And when snow is on the ground, I still love eating Anita Gelato.

You can also get it and bring it home! Three flavors — this was our heaven!


If you are in the city or make a trip to NYC, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Anita Gelato. One of my top places to go…..

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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