Currently Loving February 2021

February is a bizarre month — it is the shortest, feels the longest, yet is gone before I know it. So here is what I am loving this month (before it is March — hip hip hooray, Spring, we cannot wait!)


1. In & Of Itself


Identity is an illusion. I don’t want to say much because it is best to go in to this movie / documentary / performance blind. It is absolutely incredible, 100% worth watching, and afterwards, read this and this. Available on hulu. Powerful.

2. Isgny Ste Mere Salted Butter


I consider myself a butter snob and coinesseur — I love butter and try them all. This one, with coarse salt, is my new favorite. It is rich, delicious, salty, and perfect. And yes, I am eating butter on the crust of a pizza…..


3. Taiwanese Shaved Ice


In college, I fell in love with Taiwanese Shaved Ice and would frequently visit a Taiwanese neighborhood to get my favorite dessert. It is hard to find in NYC but this past weekend, I found and I love it. Condensed milk, red beans, tapioca balls, ice cream, ice — pure deliciousness!


4. Wella Elements Shampoo and Conditioner


My new favorite shampoo and conditioner that I found through a friend with great smelling, non greasy, not tangly hair! It is not expensive, lightweight but moisturizing — SOLD!


5. Vitamin D Sun


I am not good with vitamins, and have not been getting any Vitamin D lately, but somehow, I have taken one of these vitamins everyday for 10 days (SUCCESS!) and I am starting to believe in them…..


6. John Legend x Meduza Remix


A great song, remix. Highly recommend.


7. Tracksmith Merino Wool Shirt


I could not have survived this winter with my running unless I had these merino wool shirts. I wear them as a base layer and they make SUCH a difference. For any outdoors in the winter, this shirt is the best.


8. Lupin


A 5 episode series in French — it is fun, funny, clever, and an easy watch. Made me feel like I was in Paris…..(I miss you, Paris!)



So there you have it — a random smorgasboard of everything I am currently loving! Please share with me what you are loving — from the random to the essential! Have a great week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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