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As mentioned a couple weeks ago when we ventured to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx to eat Italian Food, we visited Queens several times to try out the “Best Dumplings in the City.” I am not a big chinese food or dumpling fan, but these dumplings from Dumpling Galaxy live up to their name and are absolutely incredible. I loved them so much that a week later, I went solo to get some for the family to eat for the Chinese New Year — they are absolutely incredible.


Right now, Dumpling Galaxy is shut down and only serving at a pop up store — a window next to a Chinese Food Market. Dumpling Galaxy is located in Flushing (past the airport) and only locals are there shopping and eating. When we were there, dozens of people ordered dumplings and the flow was nonstop!

Window shop.

The dumplings are unbelievable and made fresh! You have to wait for 20 minutes for them to make them — and it is worth the wait. They also cost $8 for 10 pieces — let me repeat — EIGHT DOLLARS FOR TWO PIECES!

The pork buns are the size of my head and cost $1.50. They are my favorite. This one is a shrimp, pork and egg one. So delicious.

My family loved the dumplings and pork buns. Our favorite dumplings were the chicken and broccoli!

Pork bun with just pork.


I HIGHLY recommend visiting Dumpling Galaxy and eating their food — such a fun, tasty, and educational adventure. Where should we go this weekend? Any recommendations?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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