Royal Native Sweatpant Overalls

I am a huge supporter and lover of anything and everything Royal Native. I have several pairs of their fun African print overalls, pants, shorts, and even a jacket. In the Spring and Summer, I almost exclusively wear Royal Native as it is just so easy, comfortable, colorful and happy. So when they came out with Sweatpant overalls, I knew I needed a pair. They scream 2021 — an elevated, more sophisticated version of 2020, but still 2020. Still sweatpants, but make them fashion.


Hillary, of Royal Native, sporting them in green. (and isn’t she the cutest?)

Made of French Terry fabric. Side view, just as cute.

I bought navy. They are so cozy and soft.

I especially love the fit at the bottom.

Me in my pair! Can’t take them off!


To see if any are available, DM Royal Native on her Instagram. And follow her because she is so creative and on it! Also, look at her website here. I swear it will make anyone afraid of color want to wear it! And these more basic and subtle overalls — trust me — they are very special.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. hardtruths: the days of uncomfortable blouses are long done and gone. i want to be head-to-toe in terry. and that looks adorable on you!

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