To change things up, I bought a juicer and now, I can’t stop. CANNOT stop. Literally, I dream about juicing and look forward to it first thing in the morning. Because it is somewhat of a pain to clean, I make two batches in the morning — a morning juice and an afternoon juice — and that way, I only have to clean the monster of equipment once. Even though it is bulky, I highly recommend getting this juicer — so easy. In the morning, I have been making a ginger, lemon juice — sometimes adding an apple and a carrot. I love it because you feel the ginger go down your throat and it just feels HEALTHY.


I bought 5 pounds of ginger and it lasted just over a week — yep, a lot of ginger. So much, that I actually googled “how much ginger is too much” just in case I was over consuming ginger….but I think I am good so far….

SO PRETTY. And so good.

Look at those fun colors.


For my afternoon pick-me-up, I make a celery based juice. I actually HATE celery, but I know it is super healthy for you, so I do it because of #HEALTH. The concoction I feel that is the tastiest is celery, pear, and lemon. Just some tang and sweetness to do the trick.


Afternoon juice.


So do it, get a juicer. I promise you will be happy! I am SOOOO happy. And on a separate note, I started making flower crowns (out of desperation and boredom) and here are three from this week —


Purple weeds.


A mixture!


Happy Friday, and happy weekend! And if you have any juice recipes to share, please do!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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