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I am very thankful that my family and I have good health, the ability to afford food, internet, a roof over our heads, and options. And yet, our life is not perfectly pink rosy. Natori, like other fashion brands and retail companies, is hurting in our economic climate. There are a lot of unknowns SOOOOO, to keep me sane during these less than perfect times (for all of us), here are my necessities (obviously in addition to the connection to my friends and family, which is #1).


1. My rollerskates


There are certain things that bring me joy: my loved ones, running, fresh flowers, a fire, and rollerskating. Every time I put on my skates, I smile. I love to dance, skate, glide. We rollerskate as a family, or I do it alone (and take zoom classes from my teacher). It is a time of complete happiness and joy.


2. A jumprope


Growing up, my brother and I used to spend hours jump roping — in our front yard. So I have been bringing it back and I love it so much. It is difficult and hard, but more than anything, it is simple FUN.


3. Fresh air and running


Fresh air and running doesn’t really require a caption — we all know that it is a must and a huge mood booster. Simply said, I can’t live without my runs and the outdoors.



4. Natori Undies


By far, the best undies in the world. Thank you, Natori for always making my underpinnings the best in the world.


5. A fast charger


With all the screen time (thanks remote learning, thanks rainy depressing weather), this is an absolute must and life changer. Just ordered a second one because we need it.



6. Luxurious face cream


I rotate between the rich cream and the cream — both are luxurious, moisturizing, and hydrating. Makes my old wrinkly dry face feel better.


7. Good shampoo and conditioner


Good skin, good hair = all that matters. I love this shampoo as it makes my hair feel good and smell nice, too!


Obviously, in addition to this list, netflix, amazon, books, clorox wipes, airpods are all a necessity. What are you using all the time these days and can’t live without? Do share! Hope you have a great start of the week — groundhog day on repeat!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Hey, I have been reading your blogs and I love how you have made fresh air a point in your list. My necessities are my cream, charger and my favourite earrings from Tanvi Garg.

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