Park Lane Pantry Granola

A self proclaimed snob (and expert) on granola, I recently sampled Park Lane Pantry, and I can’t get enough! Wholesome, delicious, nutritious. And on top of that, the back story of how the granola was created is truly inspiring — read about Elaine here and how she decided to create her own granola after her experience with cancer.


Granola perfection. Small batch

Inspiring story! I love the ingredients (Made with real food ingredients: Unsweetened coconut flakes, Almonds, Pecans, walnuts, Maple syrup, Medjool dates, Unsweetened cranberries, Dried apricots, Monk fruit, Coconut oil, Whole grain gluten-free rolled oats, Water, Vanilla extract, Orange peel, Ground cinnamon, Kosher salt, Sea salt.)

Check out those chunks of deliciousness!


This granola is crunchy, fruity, nutty, and not sweet. It is truly the best combination of all things together. I am a huge fan of this granola and I can’t wait to try the other granola flavors. Additionally, I love supporting small and growing companies, especially when they create a delicious product.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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