Like everyone else in the US, I can’t stop watching and talking about Cheer — the mini series on Netflix. It is a highly addictive 6 part series that follows around nationally ranked 40-member Navarro College Cheer Team as they prepare for the Nation Cheerleading Championship in Daytona. Five of the members lives are highlighted and you get insight into what makes them who they are — and you will fall in love with Jerry, as I did. You will laugh, cry, cringe, and binge watch the show. I guarantee you that if you start watching the show, you will finish it in a matter of days. I highly HIGHLY recommend it and can’t wait to discuss with fellow watchers.


Part Friday Night Lights (Tim Riggins, #33, I love you), and part Real World.

Cheerleading is a SPORT.


So much to watch.

JERRY!!!! on Ellen!!!!

Monica, the coach, who you love to hate and hate to love.

I wanted to mute it every time I watched them practice with all the THUDS and drops from the girls being thrown around.


To read more about the show, read here here here and here. Even Saturday Night Live featured it this past weekend with a spoof on it. God, I loved it so much! Highly recommend it — wish all TV shows were great like this one!

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