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Recently, I read about a $20 yogurt all over the internet — and of course, I was intrigued. This is not just any yogurt, but a special probiotic yogurt — more of a supplement. The Coconut Cult is full of probiotics and delicious, made in small batches with 800 billion highly active probiotics into every quart! That is a whole lot of probiotics; which is so good for you and your gut! This yogurt is unlike any other yogurt and you don’t eat it normally (with granola, berries, etc). Rather, you eat just 1-2 spoonfuls per day. It’s like medicine — but tasty and delicious! People are obsessed and rave about how it has changed their digestive system, sleep, headaches, and the way they feel…..I have yet to see a difference (Week 1….) but I am enjoying the sweet and creamy taste. It is like dessert but oh so healthy!


Delicious (and cute packaging, too)….

Expensive — but if you think of the price per number of servings, then it is a steal. You only eat a couple of tablespoons so it lasts much longer than you think!


Creamy and tangy.


How I like to eat it….with pomegranate seeds to give it a little extra crunch.


You can find it at any health food stores (New Yorkers — check it out at Health Nuts!). To read about The Coconut Cult go here and here. Almost the New Year, which means time to be healthy — and feed your gut the good ingredients!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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