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Guest Post Alert:  The Josie Girl is in France with the kids.  Her computer died en route from Paris to the South of France (tough life), so I agreed (was told) to come up with some content.  I was in Chicago for a (possibly interesting?) work trip this week.  So bear with me and enjoy!

Dinner Tuesday at Soho House Chicago, hosted by ShoppingGives, a new platform that promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR) among retailers. They asked  me to record a podcast on how Natori thinks about CSR.  It sounded like a cool initiative, so I agreed to do it.  A fun dinner at a cool spot.

Pics from the podcast. Every time I see a pic of me speaking, I see my jazz hands. I can’t stand that, but I also don’t know how to stop it. Oh well.. Not sure how the podcast turned out, but it will be out in mid-July.


Whenever I travel, I try to visit department stores to see our product on the floor. Here is our sleepwear at the Neiman Marcus on Michigan Ave


The Blues Brothers car!


Dinner Wednesday was at Girl and the Goat. For those of you that watch Top Chef, this is Stephanie Izard’s restaurant, which has done really well. Food was amazing! Thanks to our host BigCommerce, our ecommerce platform.


Menu. Bad light. Delicious. The finale (Whole Roasted Goat Shoulder) was intense (and amazing).


Randomly, these String Beans in Fish Sauce Vinaigrette and Cashews were my favorite dish of the meal.


I like the drama filter. Especially with clouds.


The main reason I came to Chicago was to speak at IRCE (a mega Internet Retail conference), on how we have implemented artificial intelligence into our marketing stack, which we do through our partner Albert. These conferences are an ordeal, but they provide a great opportunity for us to spread the word about our company.


All in all, it was a fun and productive trip.  Glad to be back in New York (even though I didn’t get back until 1 AM last night due to travel/weather issues.)  The Josie Girl will be back next week with your regularly scheduled programming.  Have a good weekend!



Josie Girl


  1. Soho House Chicago looks beautiful! Between the view and the pool it must have been a great time!

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